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Blogging for a purpose

And that purpose is getting a job.

If you are hiring, I'm sure I'd be darling at whatever job it is you're looking to fill. Copywriter, rich widow, star of stage and screen--I can do all of those.

I have a long history of getting jobs, but they're not typically the ones I want. This, in fact, is the American Nightmare. Kim K famously said "get your f------g ass up and work" but it's not that people don't want to work, it's that they don't want to do the horrible jobs offered to them.

When I search rich widow or star of stage and screen on LinkedIn, I get no results. But when I search Manager of Operations and Grant Writing Executive Assistant No Benefits I am inundated with options. Recruiters message me with jobs where I'd take care of a family's seven children while cooking their books, but the pay is always less than $20/hr.

This, I believe, is my beauty is never considered in my job applications. Surely I would be CEO of Margot Robbie INC were my picture on my resume. I once spoke to a Senior Copywriter in my home-city of Chicago, and he told me that resumes were starting to resemble diner menus, with headshots included somewhere prominent. Young people prove to be smarter than the rest of us, and more beautiful since they are still young.

On a serious note, a historian once said that my fast is the closest living example of what Helen of Troy must have looked like. This is humbling, but I still put it on my resume.

In conclusion, welcome to my blog, and please hire me.

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